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Testimonials by happy parents!

"I can't say enough good things about Ms. Katryn and Angelic Treasures. We have two boys attending, one in the baby room and one in the pre-K room and they are both very happy there. They come home excited to tell us about all that they learn. The center is very professional, but also very close & you feel part of a family. Food is varied and cooked on site incorporating every child's needs. Would definitely recommend it"
-Godaycare.com, 04/21/14 Review

"Its just like home, there's no other place like it"
- Sophia Grochmal 

"Angelic Treasures is a home away from home, it is comfortable, welcoming and nothing less than satisfying! Staffed by employees that want nothing less than the best for each child and who truly have a passion for their field. Everyone is family at Angelic Treasures, after all isn't this what God has taught us? Following God's word Angelic Treasures works and learns together in a safe and friendly environment. God Bless!"
-Vanessa Marie

"A childcare center that truly cares about their children"
-Anne Lue-Brown 

"The Owner is Awesome"
- Cathy Elliot

" I Feel so lucky to have had a wonderful and safe place for my kids. Thank you!!"
-Bella Colonna

"This is truly an amazing day care. The staff, the meals, the owner - Ms. Angie are all wonderful. After a year off on mat leave I was so scared to leave my daughter at day care. But sending her to Angelic Treasures has put my mind at ease. They are all so attentive to the infants in the room and care so much about them. I cannot rave enough about the quality of care that my daughter is receiving. This is an exceptional child care centre."
- Daycarebear.ca Review

"Our 1 year old daughter loves Angelic Treasures and so do we. It is a wonderful place to send your children, without having to worry about how their day is going. She is very well taken care of and I love that the meals are cooked from scratch."
-Godaycare.com Review

"Thank you to Angie Girgis the director and her wonderful staff for their hardwork and commitment to providing a safe and nourishing environment for our three year old son. He has been at the daycare since age one and has flourished. As a first time mother, I really appreciated the daily written reports that thoroughly summarized our son's day.The report specifically outlines meals/snacks, volume of drinks, whether or not they napped and a free text area that was always filled out with specific comments from the provider. The staff are approachable, honest and so helpful in problemsolving child specific challenges. The daycare goes above and beyond their duty by providing free workshops on the weekends to educate parents about toilet training, cpr and many other useful topics. The daycare also has an annual summer picnic and christmas party, which is enjoyed by everyone. Keep up the great work!"
-Godaycare.com Review

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