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- Matthew 19 : 14

The Angelic Treasures Childcare Team in Mississauga

We are a child care centre in Mississauga, providing child care services like Infant & Toddler Childcare and Pre schooling.

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Angie Girgis - Owner at our Mississauga Campus

 Angie is married to a dedicated man, Shawkey and has three grown children.  She is surrounded with family members who have great education and contributes to the centre by either working teachers or financial planning.  She has dedicated herself the last 12 years in the field of childcare.  Angie is of the mind set that children are the most precious treasures that God has given to us to nurture and raise up together with the families who attend Angelic Treasures.

 Angie is a hands-on director.  Curriculum and Christian teachings are collaborated together with staff on going.  She reviews and evaluates programs and staff regularly.  She makes herself available to parents and staff and children as required.  Angie enjoys giving tours to new families looking for care and sees it as an opportunity to educate parents who are looking for the best for their child.

She gives to the community in various capacities.  Angie is is a board member for Vita Centre - volunteer time in the community.  As well, Angie taught continued education courses at Sheridan College. Workshops are offered to parents for various topics of interest on site at the childcare centre.

 Angie encourages all to come and visit and keep looking for great updates on our website.

 Angelic Treasures Christian Childcare Centre is a true testimony how God works in the lives of people He has entrusted His children to.

Katryn Girgis-Murray-  Supervisor at Mississauga Campus 

Katryn has been apart of the Angelic Treasures Team since it opened in 2003. Upon graduating with honours in the field of  ECE she moved from the Mississauga location. She is dedicated to the field of Early Childhood Education and works in unity with her staff to ensure that the children are learning at an age appropriate and developmentally appropriate level. 

 During her studies she became interested in the development of children. The biggest lesson was learning why children do certain things. Her goal is to teach her staff how to plan activities that foster their curiosity and engage each child at his or her own level. She has worked hard to create IPP's that help staff follow the development of each child, and gives staff of both locations the tools required to plan activities for optimal growth and development. 

 Katryn has an open-door policy with the parents, staff and children of the centre. She works to develop a repore with families and has a passion for the children.